Whatever happen to your blog of the month thing?

Oh Anon, it happened that I barely have time to be here on Tumblr, so I didn’t go on with it these months… I’ll try after summer is over to be more present and do it again :)

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I JUST SAW THAT YOU ANSWERED ME AND OMG I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I have no idea how to express how excited I am for a tv show that I have really lost interest in, I just really love Enzo and Michael is a phenomenal actor and I really hope to see him in more projects. AND YOU MET THIS ANGEL? OH DEAR GOD, I WOULD HAVE DIED!!

I did!!! And yes he really is an angel!!! So sweet and down to heart, funny and genuine, seriously a lovely man ❤️
Same for me, I had lost all interest for tvd, but then Michael came in and he gave me a reason to keep watching… I can’t wait to see him in season 6!!! (And I am really excited about Matt Davis coming back as regular as well)

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Sono così, sai, le persone sensibili. Sentono il doppio,
sentono prima.

Perché, esattamente un passo avanti al loro corpo,
cammina la loro anima.


Serena Santorelli (via mariofiorerosso)
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I'm really really really late in the game because I was traveling and was without internet. Is Michael Malarky going to be in this coming season of TVD?!? Please say he is!! I was so upset when he died and really really really happy when he came back, but I wasn't sure if he was going to be in the coming season. I love that man, I saw a couple clips of him with fans and he just seems like the sweetest person ever. Personally, he's my favorite cast member.

YES YES YESSSS He’s coming back as series regular this year!!!! :D So we’ll see al lot of him and I am just SO HAPPY about it!!!
HE IS the sweetest person!!! And probably the most downt to heart of all the tvd cast members I’ve met in the last two years ❤️

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First, I found that clip of Ian and Kat really funny! I loved everyones reactions, especially Paul's. He always makes me laugh even when he's not trying to be funny. Question…why is everyone freaking out that Ian is leaving after this season? People are saying this was confirmed yesterday but I heard him say something about this COULD be the last season for the entire show. Which, I do agree because they are all getting older and probably wanting to explore other opportunities.

Yes that clip was hilarious XD
Idk, people as always misunderstand things and they create drama for nothing. It’s right as you say it, Ian was talking about the show and not about his personal choice… Whatever he will choose, it’s still early to think about that anyway…

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Paul Wesley and Matt Davis @ SDCC 2014

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Want to learn how to read tarot like a pro? Here’s an awesome (free!) online tarot reading that goes step by step.

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Game of Thrones Season 4

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day 6 - most underrated moment
Of course the scene in which Klaus gives his daughter to Rebekah isn’t underrated at all - everyone sees the beauty of it. It’s such a delicate and poetic moment.

What I think we don’t talk enough about is how Rebekah’s words touched Klaus. I think her monologue before leaving New Orleans really got him. They live without hope and both of them want to live with it again.

"Hope" is also a belief that Rebekah’s has. She still believes that her brother is still in there under the monster’s façade. And that’s the baby that will change things.

It’s not a case that Klaus named her daughter Hope, not after Rebekah’s words. It’s such a meaningful choice of a name.

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